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 I’ve been one of Melanie's students for a little over a year. When I first meet her I was a little nervous but very excited. She was so kind and helped me become a better actress and singer. She is one of the sweetest teachers I’ve ever had and she has helped me improve a lot in such a short amount of time.  

Sophia, Private Student 

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Melanie was one of the most attentive and detailed coaches I have ever known. From knowing nothing about auditioning and applying for colleges, she had me feeling in just under a year as if I had been a working professional my whole life. She opened up a world of knowledge that I never knew and helped me embark on my college journey feeling incredibly prepared for the next four years. She focuses on every ounce of your strengths and let’s you embrace and love what you need to work on. Not to mention, she is constantly wanting to learn as well which makes everyone around her want to do the same and jump right in with her. Thank you doesn’t express my gratitude and she is still a large reason for why I am still pursuing a career in the arts today!

Mia, Alumni and MMC Graduate

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Melanie’s private coaching helped me to earn superior awards at both the NJ Thespian Festivals and the International Thespian Festivals throughout high school. I will definitely take her tips and trade secrets with me as I earn a minor in Musical Theatre at the University of Notre Dame. We are so lucky to have someone with Melanie’s professionalism and knowledge right here in South Jersey.

Lena, Private Student 

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Melanie is super supportive and always wants you to feel comfortable! She wants deadlines to be met, but that’s just because she wants everything to look and be the best it can be! She is always understanding because she knows everyone has different, and busy schedules! 

Ragan, Troupe Alumni


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As a college prep student, Melanie has been a tremendous help to lifting anxieties about college off of my shoulders. I am almost finished with my junior year and feel like I am on track for college auditions. I’m extremely thankful for all of the training and help she has given me!!

Samantha, College Prep Student

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